We are specialising in 3D visualisation and animation

for architects, designers, developers, refurbishment and marketing companies.


We show what does not yet exist.

3D Visualisation is now an integral part of the interior design and architectural design process. 3D Visualisation can be used to build up concepts from scratch, help with design approval, landlord approval, stakeholder approval and planning. Once completed, 3D Visuals can then very effectively be used for various marketing, publicity and sales techniques.

Videos and animations can help showcase intricate details of proposed designs.


More and more estate agents and developers than ever switching to CGI over photography for showcasing their property. Development companies use 3D rendering to advertise their objects by placing it on the banners, on the Internet and in any other public media. Visualization and 3D modeling is one of the important and effective tools for a successful performance of advertising campaigns or in attracting investors.


For medium to large scale office refurbishment projects, it is sometimes difficult to visualise how new office layout and design will look, especially when the new office design is very different to the original.

3D visualisation will show how precisely how new office and will look and enabling you to create the best working environment.

Cruiser boat

Muenchen Renovierung


Muenchen Renovierung


We have done renders of cruiser boat for advertising purposes for client from Germany. Our work included boat modeling, scene rendering and post-production.

Rendering of cruiser boat.
Rendering of cruiser boat.
Rendering of cruiser boat.

Cruiser boat

3D visualisations

Since 2007 our company is specializing in 3d Computer Visualization and CAD drawings. We make Interior Renderings, Architectural Renderings, Product Renderings, 360 Degree Panoramas and CAD Drawings in 2D and 3D. We also do Interior Design Projects and Furniture Projects.

We always use the latest versions of 3ds Max, V-Ray, AutoCAD and CS 5.5 and we use only licenced software. Since the beginning we co-operate with one of the biggest office furniture reseller in Poland AGM Dynamico. Within a few years we started making renderings also for Architects, Furniture Manufactures and Individual Persons.